Here are our most frequently asked questions. If you have more questions, please contact us. Some of the links to recommended products, at no additional cost to you, are tied to our affiliate links that generate money for our company based on referrals. If you don’t need the products, please don’t purchase them.

Do I get training video of my website?

Yes! We provide videos to demonstrate how to point, click and maintain your website. Each video is short and design to show you how each section works. Watch as many times as you want online.

Can I bring my own design?

Yes, We have lots of design but you are welcome to bring your own word press design.

Can I bring my own plugins?

Yes, you can bring your own plugins. We can install them and confirm that they are compatible with other plugins used to run your website. Sometimes plugins are not compatible and the only way to determine this is to install them. If we determine that they are not compatible, we will let you know. If you need to purchase plugins, please try Code Canyon.

Satisfaction Guaranteed?

We would never knowingly disappoint a member of Snapary. However, if you are not 100% satisfied with our work in 30 days and we can’t make you a happy customer, we are happy to refund your money. Just ask and it’s done!

Is there a contract term to hire the Snapary team?

No. We work month to month. We are obligated to work on your project until you no longer need us. Keep us around monthly and we will keep working.

What if I want to leave, can I take my site with me?

Absolutely, it’s word press and it’s very portable. We would love for you to stay, but we want to keep our phone lines open for happy and new customers. With that said, you don’t have to host with us either. We can set your site up on almost any hosting company. If you decide to move your website, just let us know where you would like to go and we will be happy to move your website for you or provide you with the files for your next designer.

Wholesale Design - How do you do it?

We have an amazing team of designers, developers, and programmers ready to work. They simply geek and grind out the work all day. The difference in the deliverable of work may be 24 hours for an update verse 8 hours. Therefore, please plan accordingly.

Ecommerce FAQ

What payment system is included on my site?

Pay Pal is automatically included in your website store development. However, we do recommend adding “Stripe” payment gateway as an option since 50% of all your site visitors would prefer additional payment options our side of Pay Pal. Stripe will allow your visitors to pay using their credit card without having to log in to their bank account. See our FAQ on how stripe works and why it’s recommended.

Does my store accept stripe payments?

Yes, your site will accept stripe payments, however, you will need to add a secure SSL to your hosting plan. This cost is about $85 for the year which includes a dedicated set of IP addresses. Since Stripe does not require the client to login or transfer from your site to make a transaction like Pay Pal does, your site will need to be secure in order to process payments. On average, 50% of your site visitors that purchase from you will prefer Stripe over Pay Pal.

Can I create a membership and/or subscription website?

Yes, some additional plugins may be required depending on the type of subscription and membership site you want to be created. General cost per plugin is around $38 each. You can purchase and upload your own plugins.

Can I sell digital downloads?

Yes, each store allows for digital downloads. Once the sale is complete, the customer will receive a digital file (mp3, mp4, pdf, word doc etc). However, digital files can take up extra space that can increase your hosting charges so we recommend using for storage.